Over the period of a whole week, several kids along with staff member Alex and I participated in a STEM (variant of STEAM) Camp with NEW Water, the sewage treatment facility in Green Bay, WI. Each day was planned around one letter of STEM. Day 1 explored the Science, Day 2 Engineering, etc. The kids explored the difficulties of disposing of the various types of materials that might end up at the facility. They created a foamy slime, practiced engineering principles by using various materials to find the best shape and texture to create a working bubble wand and they even got to use some of the tools utilized by the scientists and service crew at NEW Water. At the very end they gave a presentation of what they had learned. The various exercises and experiments the kids did helped to reinforce concepts about the processes involved in disposing of our sewage. The foamy slime represented the floating gunk that builds up in clairifiers while the bubble wand exercise helped kids understand how to problem solve using engineering skills and the bubbles themselves represented the aeration needed to keep the beneficial organisms alive so they can do the hardest job of breaking down and digesting the dissolved waste. See the gallery below for a tour of the kids’ experiences and discoveries.