The 2018 honorary Defenders of the Bay caught and questioned the villain, Phosphorus Fury
Partnerships are the key to our success! We work with many local and national partners to provide these high-quality and diverse educational experiences to our members. To become a partner, please contact Jason.

By working together with our partners we can continue providing high-quality experiences so that every youth in the Green Bay area can achieve success.


Interested in helping out in our class room? Do you work with a team of experts who are passionate about their [STEM/STEAM] work and want to share that passion with local youth? You can make a difference and help spark that passion in the next generation by volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay today! Call 920-494-7090 to schedule a tour and and to receive information about how you and your team can volunteer at the Club!


NEW Water

2018 STEM Camp with NEW Water

The Defenders of the Bay reunited in the summer of 2018 to help Commander Clean Water fend off the evil villains: Sinister Sediment and Phosphorus Fury. Our Partnership with NEW Water continued during the summer of 2018. In the past this experience was a week-long daily field trip to NEW Water’s facilities. This time we condensed this experience into 3 highly effective days and then brought the experience back to the clubhouse so even more of our youth could experience the trill of being a “Defender of the Bay.” What’s a defender of the bay?” you ask? First, to understand who the Defenders of theRead More →

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STEM Camp at NEW Water

Over the period of a whole week, several kids along with staff member Alex and I participated in a STEM (variant of STEAM) Camp with NEW Water, the sewage treatment facility in Green Bay, WI. Each day was planned around one letter of STEM. Day 1 explored the Science, Day 2 Engineering, etc. The kids explored the difficulties of disposing of the various types of materials that might end up at the facility. They created a foamy slime, practiced engineering principles by using various materials to find the best shape and texture to create a working bubble wand and they even got to use someRead More →

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2018 Microsoft App Lab

The Microsoft App Lab was a challenging experience that engaged our teens and some advanced younger youth to create original apps for the Android platform. The App Lab expanded upon skills learned by completing projects from theRead More →

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University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

Enviro Explorers 2018

Awarded for Outstanding Programming by the Wisconsin Area Council It’s generally accepted that today’s children will be the Mars Generation. They will become the explorers who will travel to and establish the first settlements on our planetary neighbor, Mars. We know very little of this planet, so imagine yourself as an early explorer out for a jog on this barren rockscape and tripping over what appears to be a twisted elephant tusk… How would such a discovery change our understanding of the red planet, our solar system and what we know about life? What steps would come next and what questions would need to beRead More →

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US Cellular

U.S. Cellular shows us how mobile phones work

A team from US Cellular came to club to show us how their equipment works, how they ensure their signal is reaching every customer and how they’re able to accurately map their signal throughout their service areas. After a brief presentation to show us how phones connect to towers, and to the rest of the world, the team took us outside to see their vehicles. These hi-tech trucks travel our city streets and country sides every day scanning for weak signals to identify troubled zones so teams of technicians can repair towers before they impact customers.Read More →

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Neville Museum


In August kids from both the Lutsey and Nagel (East and West side) Boys & Girls Clubs’ STEAM rooms visited the Neville Museum to learn about the science of archaeology. The kids learned what archaeology is, what tools an archaeologist might use, how to make notes and much more. Then, in September both club houses joined the Neville Public Museum at Bay Shore Park to participate in an actual archaeological dig with the museum’s deputy director and resident archaeologist, Kevin Cullen, and the museum’s education specialist, Ryan Swadley. The site was an early Green Bay Packer Training center, known as Rockwood Lodge. The kids wereRead More →

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Archaeology with the Neville

When I was about 12 years old, my mom discovered archaeologists were excavating and giving a tour of an old logging camp near Mountain, Wisconsin. At first I wasn’t very interested in seeing something that seemed so mundane to me at the time. However, after some convincing from my mom, I agreed to go and that experience changed my understanding about how history is rediscovered. – Jason Houge Creative Youth Dev. Specialist On August 9, 2017, children from both the East and West Green Bay clubs came together to meet the Deputy Director of the Neville Museum and archaeologist, Kevin Cullen, to learn about archaeology.Read More →

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Spaceport Sheboygan

Learning about the challenges of Space Exploration with Spaceport Sheboygan

In December, 2018, we teamed up with Brian Ewenson of Spaceport Sheboygan. Mr. Ewenson is a professional Aerospace Educator and public speaker. He worked with NASA and the Canadian Space Agency for over 25 years training astronauts during the Shuttle Missions. Coincidently he was also once a Boys & Girls Club Site Director at club sites in Montreal and Alberta, Canada. He came to teach the kids about the challenges our space explorers face when they leave the protection of our planet’s atmosphere and magnetosphere. We discussed everything from sleeping in microgravity, keeping fit, eating, using the bathroom, brushing one’s teeth, how solar radiation effectsRead More →

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The Farmory

The Farmory and the Club

The Farmory is a local non-profit startup built in an abandoned WWII armory in downtown Green Bay. They’re mission is to become a self sustaining indoor urban farm capable of supplying healthy vegetables and fish (perch) to the local market year-round through a process known as aquaponics. They also offer excellent education on the process and plan to help anyone who is interested learn how they can also use aquaponics to produce food for the growing population. This summer, Alex Zacharias and I brought members to the Farmory to see for themselves what they do. The kids in turn were there to offer advice onRead More →

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Green Bay Bicycle Collective

Summer Cycling and the Green Bay Bicycle Collective

This week Heather Gentry and Mark Woosencraft from the Green Bay Bicycle Collective came for a visit to teach our members about bicycle safety. Members who did not already own a helmet were fitted and given a helmet to keep. For some of our youth this was the first time they had ever ridden a bike. Heather and Mark first helped us get our Club bikes prepped for riding this summer then introduced our members to the mechanical parts of a bike and showed them different scenarios in which they would be tested. These scenarios included situations like biking up to an intersection, stopping, looking,Read More →

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