by Josiah, age 11

How we take care of the garden… So this is how it starts. We put seeds in the a net pot and then put little rocks very little just for decoration then we put a couple gallons of water in the tank then we fed it plant food called flora series by general hydroponics. This is what we all feed it.

. Flora micro

. Flora gro

. Flora bloom

. Rapid start

. Liquid koolbloom

. Floralicious plus

. Flora blend

. Flora kleen only to clean the nozzles on the pump

Well Jason, the other kids, and I care about our steam garden. I just love to see people learning about the steam garden and doing math. I personally love the steam garden so much. I even want you to try thinking how you could do it. You can use any kind vegetable, flower or anything pretty much as long as you make adjustments to the food. So just keep that in mind. also if you do not make the adjustments to the food it will not grow so please keep that in mind so you if you do this it turns to success.

Our jalapeños may die because the tomato plant is hovering over the light from the window and from the lamps. Hopefully it doesn’t die because it is awesome to have a garden like this. Well, every time something happens I will tell you guys on the website. Thank you.