by Josiah, age 11

Indoor garden or should I call it the steam garden.

Our indoor garden is an aeroponic garden. That means that it only runs off of water and the pump is similar to a fish tank pump. It sprays out of nozzles but it is not just water it sprays out, it is plant food. Also every thing I said is just put into a tank. The plant food is from general hydroponics. We feed it every 2 weeks and water it every week or more like every 2 days. The tomato plant has almost reached 20,tomatoes the roots for the tomato are huge. We had some basil but it died and we have some jalapeños that did not die. We are so lucky to have an aeroponic garden, it, is awesome. I honestly did not know it would work but a year later the tomato plant was at the top of the boys and girls club ceiling and it still is and hopefully will stay. and the jalapeño plant had 4 baby jalapeños.