STEAM and Creative Youth Development

In 2018 Stephanie Nespoli, from the Club’s RD Team, produced a short film about S.T.E.A.M. and why all of us involved love the work we do here at the Club. Check it out! The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay creates opportunities and programs that challenges youth to be creative, think outside the box, and develop new skills. The Club focuses on offering unmatched opportunities in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Through Creative Youth Development, the Club has seen numerous success stories, countless positive outcomes, and the entire community benefit. You can help to impact youth by supporting theseRead More →

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In the News – WBAY 2018

From Click to see the original. GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – A lot of people with kids in school have heard of STEM–science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In some schools and programs, teachers are adding an “A” for art. Action 2 News went to the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay to learn more about STEAM programs. “Their jobs in the future are going to depend on their knowledge, and the more that we can give them today, the better prepared they will be for college, and the better they will do when they get to a career,” says Jason Houge, creative youthRead More →

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2018/19 Fine Art Competition

Tonight was the local Fine Art and Image Makers competition showcase. The work was judged by an independent jury of local artists, curators and University professors. The work being judged was created by club members throughout 2018. The judges worked together to select pieces to be sent to the regional competition. Art that passes the regional competition goes onto the BGCA National Fine Art and ImageMakers competition. The art submissions are broken down by age and category. Judges select one from each age group within the category to be passed into the next round. Here’s what the BGCA has to say: Artwork submitted in theRead More →

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2018 Microsoft App Lab

The Microsoft App Lab was a challenging experience that engaged our teens and some advanced younger youth to create original apps for the Android platform. The App Lab expanded upon skills learned by completing projects from theRead More →

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My Summer

by Kailyn, age 11 When I got to the Boy and Girls Club I did not know anyone and I wasn’t in any programs at all. The first program I was in was the photo program and gardening I took many picture for it and it was fun! We where all in competition we got judged for how the picture was. From the color to how creative it was I took picture of field trips and stuff around the club and outside it. We were in gardening and took picture of that to. I went around the club taking pictures of people and colorful things.Read More →

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Our Crazy Adventure With Mr. Jason

by Kyleigh, age 11 It all started when me and my sister started to go to the Boys And Girls Club. We were very shy until we met Mr. Jason the STEAM teacher. After we met Mr. Jason we started to try STEAM. Then we got to go on this cool field trip to “Baird Creek Park.” We first went on a trail but then Mr. Jason made it more fun by letting us cross the river several times and we had to hop on some stones and it was really fun because we got a little wet. We also saw crayfish and minnows. ButRead More →

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Aeroponic, Hydroponic and Aquaponic

by Josiah, age 11 So how this works, is the aero in aeroponic stands for air. Hydro in hydroponic stands for water. Aqua in aquaponic stands for aquaculture which means life. And ponics, in the last part of each word, means to grow. These plants grow so much better than a regular garden, they also use 95% less water. That is great because that means you don’t need to water it every day. Also there are no pesticides so that every thing you eat wont get you sick. Oh wow this is the best part, you can do this in space with 0 gravity wow!Read More →

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Image Makers

by Guadalupe, age 9 I got to have my own camera for the entire summer.Then the second year I was in Image Makers again and I got to take my camera to Enviro Explorers. And on one of the Enviro Explorers Field Trips I wasted ALL my space for other pictures. And we went to a place where there was supposed to be a waterfall but it was dried up. After that I saw some Frogs and I took pictures of 3 frogs. I took this picture when Kyleigh found a raccoon jawbone. And I found a rock that looked like an egg but thatRead More →

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What we do with our lovely garden

by Josiah, age 11 How we take care of the garden… So this is how it starts. We put seeds in the a net pot and then put little rocks very little just for decoration then we put a couple gallons of water in the tank then we fed it plant food called flora series by general hydroponics. This is what we all feed it. . Flora micro . Flora gro . Flora bloom . Rapid start . Liquid koolbloom . Floralicious plus . Flora blend . Flora kleen only to clean the nozzles on the pump Well Jason, the other kids, and IRead More →

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Indoor Garden

by Josiah, age 11 Indoor garden or should I call it the steam garden. Our indoor garden is an aeroponic garden. That means that it only runs off of water and the pump is similar to a fish tank pump. It sprays out of nozzles but it is not just water it sprays out, it is plant food. Also every thing I said is just put into a tank. The plant food is from general hydroponics. We feed it every 2 weeks and water it every week or more like every 2 days. The tomato plant has almost reached 20,tomatoes the roots for the tomatoRead More →

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