In August kids from both the Lutsey and Nagel (East and West side) Boys & Girls Clubs’ STEAM rooms visited the Neville Museum to learn about the science of archaeology. The kids learned what archaeology is, what tools an archaeologist might use, how to make notes and much more. Then, in September both club houses joined the Neville Public Museum at Bay Shore Park to participate in an actual archaeological dig with the museum’s deputy director and resident archaeologist, Kevin Cullen, and the museum’s education specialist, Ryan Swadley. The site was an early Green Bay Packer Training center, known as Rockwood Lodge. The kids were told that in early 1950 the lodge burned down and were shown aerial photographs of the site. These old photos were compared with Google satellite images and drone photography of the site to determine where to begin looking in preparation to start two shovel test pits. The kids then used ground penetrating radar unit to look for additional sites of interest. Afterward, they broke into teams and began digging in their respective test pits and quickly discovered artifacts of the lodge including brick fragments, nails and stone used in the construction. The discoveries made by the kids helped further understand what happened to the lodge and also shed light on some early Green Bay Packer History. Thank you Kevin, Ryan and the Neville Museum for your hospitality and for the wonderful opportunity to show our members how to use science to make discoveries and history fun.