Kiara W and Daisy mixing a batch of Glowing Moon Slime

We have a rule in the Creative Lab – No Slime. Why? Because it’s too easy and creates a lot of waste. Sure the ooey gooey stuff is fun to make and has lots of uses as a tactile tool for mindfulness and learning – but quite frequently kids have already made it 100 times at school or at home. There seems to be nothing new to be learned from the process…. or is there?

This week we really needed to finish a project – and for nearly 2 years the rule has been no slime allowed. However since we needed to really put in some effort to finish this project on time I had an idea…

Lets Make Slime

“If we can finish the project we’ll make slime!,” I told the kids. But unknown to them, what I had in mind was no ordinary slime – This had to be something special, something that makes us think a bit and see things a little differently – something they hadn’t already tried.

It Worked

We finished the project on Monday – right on time. So today, as promised, we made slime.

The two varieties we created are Electric Slime and Glowing Moon Slime.
It turns out both slimes glow, however the Glowing Moon Slime glows a vibrant green under a black light.

The Electric Slime conducts electricity and even generates a small amount.
We may revisit these ideas and test them to see where we can refine and make something cool and new to share.