Heather Gentry and Mark Woosencraft with our participating members

This week Heather Gentry and Mark Woosencraft from the Green Bay Bicycle Collective came for a visit to teach our members about bicycle safety. Members who did not already own a helmet were fitted and given a helmet to keep. For some of our youth this was the first time they had ever ridden a bike. Heather and Mark first helped us get our Club bikes prepped for riding this summer then introduced our members to the mechanical parts of a bike and showed them different scenarios in which they would be tested. These scenarios included situations like biking up to an intersection, stopping, looking, signaling then proceeding to looking behind for traffic to dealing with uneven and broken roads. Afterwards the members enjoyed some lunch and we went on our first excursion to the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. Thank you Heather and Mark and the Green Bay Bicycle Collective for helping us get our biking program off to a great start this summer!

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