Aubrey gives a brief presentation about the waterbear, the nearly invincible creature responsible for breaking down much of the stuff found in sewage.
STEM Camp is a summer program we run with our local partner, NEW Water Through the program youth become the S.T.E.M Super Heroes known as Defenders of the Bay. The help the sidekicks of Commander Clean Water in his efforts to protect the clean water of the Great Lakes from the evil villains, Sinister Sediment and Phosphorus Fury. The youth learn about the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math NEW Water uses to protect the waters of the Bay of Green Bay and Lake Michigan while having fun and interacting with their own experiments.

2018 STEM Camp with NEW Water

The Defenders of the Bay reunited in the summer of 2018 to help Commander Clean Water fend off the evil villains: Sinister Sediment and Phosphorus Fury. Our Partnership with NEW Water continued during the summer of 2018. In the past this experience was a week-long daily field trip to NEW Water’s facilities. This time we condensed this experience into 3 highly effective days and then brought the experience back to the clubhouse so even more of our youth could experience the trill of being a “Defender of the Bay.” What’s a defender of the bay?” you ask? First, to understand who the Defenders of theRead More →

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STEM Camp at NEW Water

Over the period of a whole week, several kids along with staff member Alex and I participated in a STEM (variant of STEAM) Camp with NEW Water, the sewage treatment facility in Green Bay, WI. Each day was planned around one letter of STEM. Day 1 explored the Science, Day 2 Engineering, etc. The kids explored the difficulties of disposing of the various types of materials that might end up at the facility. They created a foamy slime, practiced engineering principles by using various materials to find the best shape and texture to create a working bubble wand and they even got to use someRead More →

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