The club’s STEAM Garden uses STEAM ideas to grow organic vegetables. Or maybe we call it a STEAM Garden because of the nutrient fog they grow in. Or maybe it’s both. Whatever the reason, dirt is not a component in our garden, instead it rely on a nutrient solution that becomes vaporized. The vaporized solution then reaches the roots and the plants grow. The process we currently use is one known as fogponics, a variant of aeroponics. Later we plan to upgrade the system to a low-pressure aeroponic system. Aeroponics is an alternate form of gardening related to Hydroponics and Aquaponics. These alternate forms of growing foods may help us meet nutritional needs in the world as the population continues to grow. They will also help feed colonists who travel to destinations in outer space, such as a manned mission to Mars. They will provide the first continuous sources of food on planets void of life. After generations of growth, it may be possible to begin terraforming with the compost made from these gardens. Such gardens may also be instrumental to air purification in the early settlers’ enclosed bio-domes.