Searching the stream for crayfish and fossils at Baird Creek
“What do you know about your environment? Who lived here? Why do you suppose the ground is wet here? Why are all of the plants small here? What cause these rocks to have these bands? Notice that smell? How come there are no plants here? When did these rocks form?”

These are some of the simple questions the youth learn to ask about their environments. Whether they’re walking through the woods, along a beach, or someday on the surface of the Moon – the aim of the Environmental Exploration programs are to teach the children to ask questions and take notice of their surroundings.

Enviro Explorers 2018

Awarded for Outstanding Programming by the Wisconsin Area Council It’s generally accepted that today’s children will be the Mars Generation. They will become the explorers who will travel to and establish the first settlements on our planetary neighbor, Mars. We know very little of this planet, so imagine yourself as an early explorer out for a jog on this barren rockscape and tripping over what appears to be a twisted elephant tusk… How would such a discovery change our understanding of the red planet, our solar system and what we know about life? What steps would come next and what questions would need to beRead More →

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Learning about the challenges of Space Exploration with Spaceport Sheboygan

In December, 2018, we teamed up with Brian Ewenson of Spaceport Sheboygan. Mr. Ewenson is a professional Aerospace Educator and public speaker. He worked with NASA and the Canadian Space Agency for over 25 years training astronauts during the Shuttle Missions. Coincidently he was also once a Boys & Girls Club Site Director at club sites in Montreal and Alberta, Canada. He came to teach the kids about the challenges our space explorers face when they leave the protection of our planet’s atmosphere and magnetosphere. We discussed everything from sleeping in microgravity, keeping fit, eating, using the bathroom, brushing one’s teeth, how solar radiation effectsRead More →

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In August kids from both the Lutsey and Nagel (East and West side) Boys & Girls Clubs’ STEAM rooms visited the Neville Museum to learn about the science of archaeology. The kids learned what archaeology is, what tools an archaeologist might use, how to make notes and much more. Then, in September both club houses joined the Neville Public Museum at Bay Shore Park to participate in an actual archaeological dig with the museum’s deputy director and resident archaeologist, Kevin Cullen, and the museum’s education specialist, Ryan Swadley. The site was an early Green Bay Packer Training center, known as Rockwood Lodge. The kids wereRead More →

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Exploring the Natural World

Ever wonder what a bacteria knows of the world we live in? If you were as small as a microbe, would you realise something had changed if a gigantic being sucked your entire world up into a pipette and placed it onto a slide to be viewed under a microscope? This summer we ran a program where we took a look into the world of the miniature and explored the natural world as well. The program was called Enviro Explorers. We took field trips to places like Fonferek’s Glen, a waterfall in Brown County, Wisconsin, to see the landscape and to discuss the history ofRead More →

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Archaeology with the Neville

When I was about 12 years old, my mom discovered archaeologists were excavating and giving a tour of an old logging camp near Mountain, Wisconsin. At first I wasn’t very interested in seeing something that seemed so mundane to me at the time. However, after some convincing from my mom, I agreed to go and that experience changed my understanding about how history is rediscovered. – Jason Houge Creative Youth Dev. Specialist On August 9, 2017, children from both the East and West Green Bay clubs came together to meet the Deputy Director of the Neville Museum and archaeologist, Kevin Cullen, to learn about archaeology.Read More →

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