The 2018 honorary Defenders of the Bay caught and questioned the villain, Phosphorus Fury

The Defenders of the Bay reunited in the summer of 2018 to help Commander Clean Water fend off the evil villains: Sinister Sediment and Phosphorus Fury.

Our Partnership with NEW Water continued during the summer of 2018. In the past this experience was a week-long daily field trip to NEW Water’s facilities. This time we condensed this experience into 3 highly effective days and then brought the experience back to the clubhouse so even more of our youth could experience the trill of being a “Defender of the Bay.”

What’s a defender of the bay?” you ask? First, to understand who the Defenders of the Bay are, you need to know what NEW Water is. NEW Water is the sewage treatment facility for the Green Bay Metro area and a wide area of North Eastern Wisconsin. They’re responsible for treating and cleaning up the water and materials that get flushed down the drain before the water can be safely returned back to the Bay of Green Bay and Lake Michigan.

Youth receive a Defender of the Bay training graduation certificate from Commander Clean Water, himself.
NEW Water created a curriculum based around the S.T.E.M. (Science Technology Engineering Math) focuses they use to treat the waste water. Their curriculum makes learning these S.T.E.M. concepts fun by turning the kids into S.T.E.M. Super Heros known as the Defenders of the Bay to help NEW Water’s Super Hero, Commander Clean Water, capture the evil villains Sinister Sediment and Phosphorus Fury from getting through the facility into the clean water of the Bay of Green Bay. The youth learn about wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), chemical reactions, filtration, microorganisms, and how gravity combined with fluid dynamics gets water from your house to their facility. They learn how to use surveying equipment to triangulate distances, safety equipment such as hoists, harnesses, and oxygen masks, they also learn about clearing blockages, such as roots, from pipes to prevent the flow from stopping. The entire experience is entertaining, interactive and educational!

This video, produced by NEW Water, highlights our 2017 STEM Camp Experience
2018 STEM Camp with NEW Water Highlights