Tonight was the local Fine Art and Image Makers competition showcase. The work was judged by an independent jury of local artists, curators and University professors. The work being judged was created by club members throughout 2018. The judges worked together to select pieces to be sent to the regional competition. Art that passes the regional competition goes onto the BGCA National Fine Art and ImageMakers competition. The art submissions are broken down by age and category. Judges select one from each age group within the category to be passed into the next round. Here’s what the BGCA has to say: Artwork submitted in theRead More →

In 2017, several youth experienced their first opening reception at an art gallery. The show was the “Retrospectical” of Professor Emeritus Carol Emmons from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, Green Bay campus. This experience gave the children the opportunity to see the way an artist works and what an artist does with the work they make. We try to offer a similar experience with the gallery as frequently as our scheduling permits.Read More →

The kids at the club enjoy making art in various ways. With our traveling artists summer program, we even found time to visit a gallery, met various artists, visited their studios and we even made some work alongside some artists and received instruction from an art professor at UW-Green Bay. I currently offer the children instruction on drawing techniques, water color painting, sculpture, and photography.Read More →