In 2018 Stephanie Nespoli, from the Club’s RD Team, produced a short film about S.T.E.A.M. and why all of us involved love the work we do here at the Club. Check it out! The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay creates opportunities and programs that challenges youth to be creative, think outside the box, and develop new skills. The Club focuses on offering unmatched opportunities in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Through Creative Youth Development, the Club has seen numerous success stories, countless positive outcomes, and the entire community benefit. You can help to impact youth by supporting theseRead More →

To cap things off, WBAY Channel 2 News came to observe and interview us regarding the experience and STEAM

From Click to see the original. GREEN BAY, Wis. (WBAY) – A lot of people with kids in school have heard of STEM–science, technology, engineering and mathematics. In some schools and programs, teachers are adding an “A” for art. Action 2 News went to the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay to learn more about STEAM programs. “Their jobs in the future are going to depend on their knowledge, and the more that we can give them today, the better prepared they will be for college, and the better they will do when they get to a career,” says Jason Houge, creative youthRead More →

STEAM Garden

In about 4 months the STEAM Garden will be 2 years old. It is largely self-sufficient with minimal maintenance. We have continued to make minor adjustments to the solutions, re-thought our lighting, and replanted. STEAM Garden Final Phase The STEAM Garden has been the centerpiece of the Creative Lab (Formerly STEAM Room) at the Club since we began focusing on STEAM Principals. The Garden hits every aspect of STEAM – The science of growing and the use of chemistry to feed the garden, The Technology of Aeroponic growing and LED Lighting, Engineering comes in the form of garden’s creation, and most recently, the use ofRead More →

Kiara W and Daisy mixing a batch of Glowing Moon Slime

We have a rule in the Creative Lab – No Slime. Why? Because it’s too easy and creates a lot of waste. Sure the ooey gooey stuff is fun to make and has lots of uses as a tactile tool for mindfulness and learning – but quite frequently kids have already made it 100 times at school or at home. There seems to be nothing new to be learned from the process…. or is there? This week we really needed to finish a project – and for nearly 2 years the rule has been no slime allowed. However since we needed to really put inRead More →

Tonight was the local Fine Art and Image Makers competition showcase. The work was judged by an independent jury of local artists, curators and University professors. The work being judged was created by club members throughout 2018. The judges worked together to select pieces to be sent to the regional competition. Art that passes the regional competition goes onto the BGCA National Fine Art and ImageMakers competition. The art submissions are broken down by age and category. Judges select one from each age group within the category to be passed into the next round. Here’s what the BGCA has to say: Artwork submitted in theRead More →

In 2017, several youth experienced their first opening reception at an art gallery. The show was the “Retrospectical” of Professor Emeritus Carol Emmons from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, Green Bay campus. This experience gave the children the opportunity to see the way an artist works and what an artist does with the work they make. We try to offer a similar experience with the gallery as frequently as our scheduling permits.Read More →

Analiz inspects the equipment in a US Cellular vehicle

A team from US Cellular came to club to show us how their equipment works, how they ensure their signal is reaching every customer and how they’re able to accurately map their signal throughout their service areas. After a brief presentation to show us how phones connect to towers, and to the rest of the world, the team took us outside to see their vehicles. These hi-tech trucks travel our city streets and country sides every day scanning for weak signals to identify troubled zones so teams of technicians can repair towers before they impact customers.Read More →

The Defenders of the Bay reunited in the summer of 2018 to help Commander Clean Water fend off the evil villains: Sinister Sediment and Phosphorus Fury. Our Partnership with NEW Water continued during the summer of 2018. In the past this experience was a week-long daily field trip to NEW Water’s facilities. This time we condensed this experience into 3 highly effective days and then brought the experience back to the clubhouse so even more of our youth could experience the trill of being a “Defender of the Bay.” What’s a defender of the bay?” you ask? First, to understand who the Defenders of theRead More →

Recently the members expanded upon a prior experiment we performed. In the past we’ve made Squishy Circuit Electric Dough, a recipe created by St. Thomas University. This time we expanded on what we learned from that project and crated some alternate recipes with some interesting results. Electric Dough Recipe 1 1/2 cup of flour 1/8 cup of table salt 1/4 cup of white vinegar 75 ml water * Add a small amount of flour and kneed until no longer sticky… [TODO] refine recipe RESULT: .8 volts when used with zinc plated nail and copper wire Electric Dough Recipe 2 1/2 cup of flour 1/8 cupRead More →