ARTx Talks X = creative ideas!

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay in its ongoing efforts in bringing high quality arts
programs to all our youth presents ARTx Talks. The ARTx Talks program is designed to spark
creative conversation and connection. Anyone can give a talk including the young & the young
at heart. The goal of ARTx Talks is to learn, inform and entertain audiences to all things ART!
ARTx Talks speaks to the next generation of artists – think of it as what would you tell your
younger self about art? You have only 15 minutes or less to present your idea in the most
innovative and engaging ways you can. Artist’s from all genres including performing arts, literary
arts and visual arts share their journey and tell their stories that will inspire the next generation
of artists. In addition, the art stories can come from a variety of perspectives including the
science of art, the technology of art, the mathematics of arts, the philosophy of arts – you get
the picture all things art!

ARTx Stories are: Rooted in Action – Relatable and Human – Illustrates a Journey – Ends with a
Call to Action ARTx is not a promotional platform for your company, organization, and
product. It is YOUR STORY in the arts! Try to be you.

Slides aren’t required for ARTx Talks presentations but if you do look for places to visually
support your story without distracting your audience. Less is more – no explanatory text slides
and don’t devote time to explain what the picture on the slides represents. Keep your charts and
infographics simple. Use only images you own or have permission to use.
There will be no audience this allows for flexibility to schedule your talk – it’s just you, a stage
and the video cameras. Recording times between now and summer will be schedule most
mornings between 9 and 12:00 p.m. Monday through Friday as well as weekends just let us
know what works best for you and we will do our best to accommodate you. You will be required
to sign a broadcast release form – all recordings are the sole property of the Boys & Girls Club.
The Process: Pitch and write your arts idea to ARTx Talks and if it falls in line with our mission
we will schedule a date and time for your talk. The talks will be held at the Boys & Girls Club’s
Digital Visual Arts Studios at 1451 University Ave, G.B. WI 54302 Send all your info &
questions to Alex Zacarias at [email protected]

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