Searching the stream for crayfish and fossils at Baird Creek
Environmental Exploration
"What do you know about your environment? Who lived here? What cause these rocks to have these bands? Notice that smell? How come there are no plants here?"

These are some of the simple questions the youth learn to ask about their environments. Whether they're walking through the woods, along a beach, or someday on the surface of the Moon - the aim of the Environmental Exploration programs are to teach the children to ask questions and take notice of their surroundings.

Aubrey gives a brief presentation about the waterbear, the nearly invincible creature responsible for breaking down much of the stuff found in sewage.
Become a STEM Superhero today!

STEM Camp is a summer program we run with our local partner, NEW Water. Through the program youth become the STEM Super Heroes known as Defenders of the Bay. They learn about the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math NEW Water uses to protect the waters of the Bay of Green Bay and Lake Michigan while having fun and interacting with their own experiments.

STEAM Garden, January 2019
Aeroponic Gardening
"How can people have access to nutritious food where none exists?" "What will Astronauts eat on a six month trip to Mars?"

Members learn answers to these questions and more with the unique hands-on experience of growing their own food in the Club's member-built Aeroponic Garden. Members help engineer solutions to problems that arise and they maintain it all year round. This experience offers practical learning of mathematics, chemistry and biology.

Daisy sculpting a figure into modeling clay to use for making a bio-plastic toy
Fine Art
The purpose of ART is to share a story, an idea, a feeling a thought... What is your story?

Art at the club is filled with numerous opportunities to create and discover. We practice traditional visual arts like painting, drawing, sculpting and photography. We also explore graphic design, music, and storytelling. Members interested in the Arts may also be invited on field trips to opening receptions at the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay's Lawton Gallery.

Become a Partner!
Become a Partner!
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STEAM stands for Science Technology Engineering Art Math. Members at Club have the opportunity to explore some exciting concepts in STEAM fields by participating in experiences involving computer science which includes coding for hardware and software and web development. Natural sciences, engineering and math skills are used with our aeroponic gardening, guided and self-guided exploration, and environmental exploration projects. We also maintain rich art experiences for Club members by offering digital arts, video production, performance art, drawing, painting, photography, sculpting and much more.

Jason Houge
Creative Youth Development Specialist – Boys & Girls Club of Greater Green Bay, Lutsey Center

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